[Monsters] Shifts Bosses Guide

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[Monsters] Shifts Bosses Guide

Post  Shift on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:56 am

Hello PwnScape community.

This is my first guide on PwnScape, so I have decided to make it about the PwnScape Bosses.

The bosses in PwnScape include godwars, King black Dragon and the chaos elemental, dagganoth kings will be made in a different guide.

For you to choose your first boss teleport, you must click a teleport in the magic tab.

Normal Magiks teleport spell location -

Ancient Magiks teleport spell location -

Once you go to GodWars, you'll notice it's HUGE. There are 4 Bosses associated with this teleport.

Those bosses are..

1) - General Graardor ( The Bandos Boss ).

- He uses Melee AND Range but I strongly recommend you use protect from Melee because he deals the most damage using melee.

- His 3 Sergeants beside him also attack you using all 3 types of melee, it's a good idea to kill these 3 if your with a clan.

- He actually drops a bandos hilt

2) - Kree'arra ( The Armadyl Boss ).

- Uses all 3 types of attacks, but I recommend you use Protect From Range

- His 3 Bodygaurds Are there and use all 3 types of Attacks.

- Does drop Armadyl Hilt.

3) - Commander Zilyana ( Saradomin Boss ).

- She uses only Melee but her attacks are accurate, so use protect from Melee.

- Her 3 bodyguards use all 3 types of attacks.

- She does drop the Hilt



Your inventory varies depending on your boss, so in general this should be your inventory, usually all bosses inventory shall look like this.

Next, we focus on the ' King Black Dragon ' Boss.

- Once you click the teleport you will see a ladder, go down the ladder and you will appear in the KBD lair.

- KBD is a popular boss because he drops the 'Draconic visage' which can be turned into a Dragon Fire Shield when used with a anti-dragon shield (May require smithing levels).

- The KBD isn't very hard to kill at one time, as in PwnScape the rules don't apply as the same as RuneScape (You must use anti-dragon shield or DragonFire Shield to deflect most of the damage)

- Yet he can still manage to hit 30 and over so be careful.


I guess I may have put too many prayer potions, but I protect from mage and use turmoil, so I guess i'd bring more, it's completely up to you though.

My next and final Boss is the ' Chaos Elemental '

- The chaos elemental is located in the WILDERNESS which is very dangerous.

- The location of the Chaos Elemental within the wilderness is also a Multi Combat area, which makes it even more dangerous..

- The Chaos Elemental uses Range AND Magic.

- It uses magic more frequently than range, so use protect from magic.

- The best approach is Range because it's damage is dealt lower and you hit higher.

- The Chaoes Elemental drops the Dragon 2H sword, Dragon Spear and many useful herbs.

Good Luck! Smile


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Re: [Monsters] Shifts Bosses Guide

Post  Raflection on Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:14 am

Not bad, although this is posted in the wrong section it seems useful.
Not sure if copy/pasted though Wink

Still nice.
Also you haven't included Dag kings, these are still bosses and require guide aswell.

7/10 For this guide.


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